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(Hot tip – It’s very useful to keep a copy of your Diamond Care Protection Plan contract in your glove box or store a PDF file or image on your phone.)


How do I purchase a Diamond Care Protection Plan vehicle service contract?
Diamond Care Protection Plan only sells contracts through participating dealerships, primarily at the time the vehicle is purchased or leased.

How much do contracts cost?
The cost of Diamond Care Protection Plan contracts depends on the plan you choose and your vehicle’s make, model, mileage, and year. Please contact your dealership for more information.

Can I buy a Diamond Care Protection Plan for a vehicle I already own?
Yes, as long as it meets the eligibility criteria, which differ by plan and coverages. Your local dealer can help you determine which plans are available for your vehicle.

Is there financing available?
Your dealer can help finance any of our plans. For Vehicle Service Contract, CPO Wrap and Prepaid Maintenance plans, Service Payment Plan, Inc. (SPP) interest free payment plans are available for buyers without having to finance your service contract as part of the monthly payment. No credit check required. Convenient terms up to 24 months with monthly automatic debits on date you choose. Click SPP FAQs or call 800-346-5990.

How is this different than the warranty that comes with the vehicle?
New Vehicle and Certified Pre-Owned limited warranties are included in the vehicle’s sell price. What most people think of as “extended warranties” are actually vehicle service contracts, which are not included in the price of the vehicle.

Diamond Care Protection Plan service contracts supplement your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty by adding benefits (such as emergency roadside assistance and alternate transportation reimbursement) while your vehicle is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and by paying for covered repairs after your manufacturer’s warranty has ended. Ancillary plan options start immediately and cover damage to wheels & tires, windshield and minor dents, or cover maintenance, appearance protection or lost keys – all items which are not part of the manufacturer’s warranty.

What are the benefits of a Diamond Care Protection Plan vehicle service contract?
It’s not always easy to cover a sudden repair cost. In fact, a recent study showed that one-third of Americans could not cover an unexpected $400 bill without borrowing [*]. Consider the peace of mind that could come from trading costly surprise repair bills for a small monthly investment included in your car payment.

What is a prepaid maintenance service plan?
A prepaid maintenance plan can cover things like oil changes, regularly scheduled maintenance, tire rotations and tire road hazards. These plans can be purchased at any time. There are eligibility requirements that your dealer can help you navigate.

Do your service contracts cover Leased Vehicles?
Most plans cover both leased and purchased vehicles. Plan term lengths are available that provide coverage during your entire lease. A few ancillary plans in particular cover many excess lease wear and tear charges that are often incurred when you return your vehicle at lease end.

Diamond Care Protection Plan Service Contract Holders:

(Hot tip – It’s very useful to keep a copy of your Diamond Care Protection Plan contract in your glove box or store a PDF file or image on your phone.)
For Roadside Assistance
Detailed information is available on the Roadside Assistance tab at the bottom of the home page or you can follow this link: Roadside Assistance.

Where can I take my vehicle for service?
You can select a licensed repair facility of your choice or call Customer Assistance at (833) 700-7783 for help locating one. A good choice would be to take your vehicle back to the dealer that sold you a Diamond Care Protection Plan contract. They are the most qualified to process your claim quickly and effectively.

How do I verify coverage with a repair facility?
The easiest way to verify coverage is by showing the repair shop the first page of your Diamond Care Protection Plan contract. If that’s not handy, you can use your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), a 17-digit alpha-numeric number unique to your vehicle. Check the following for VIN: vehicle registration card; vehicle insurance card; or a sticker on driver’s side door pillar. The VIN is also found on the driver’s side top edge of the dashboard, displayed so that anyone can read it from the outside of the vehicle looking in.

What does my service contract cover?
Contract coverages and exclusions vary based on the specific vehicle service contract and the dealer’s state where you purchased your service contract. Please refer to the General Contract Exclusions and Contract Provisions sections of your contract.

How do I file a claim or receive authorization for repairs?
Give the repair shop the first page of your contract and instruct them to contact the Plan Administrator to discuss what is needed to repair your vehicle and secure payment authorization prior to starting repairs. If a mechanical breakdown occurs outside the Administrator’s operating hours, the Administrator must be contacted the next business day. It is your responsibility to ensure authorization has been received prior to proceeding with any and all repairs. Failure to obtain authorization prior to repairs may result in nonpayment.

VSC, CPO Wrap & PMA Claims 833-700-7783
PMA Tire Road Hazard Protection (TRH) Claims – Who you contact depends on the date you purchased your contract. For TRH claims on contracts sold before 4-30-24, log on to; for contracts sold 5-1-2024 and later log on to or email TRH Claim Customer Support
High-Mileage Plan Claims 800-559-1909
Ancillary Plan Claims

  • Platinum & Ultimate Platinum, Tire & Wheel, Key Replacement, Paintless Dent Repair, Maintenance Care, Value Protect 888-684-9327
  • Appearance Protection 833-267-2195
  • GAP 888-272-5517
  • Lease (End) Wear & Tear 866-910-5547 Option 3, then option 1

Do you pay for the repair directly, or do I have to pay and then get reimbursed?
In most cases, we will pay your repair provider directly for the service (less any applicable deductible) as long as they have contacted your Plan Administrator for payment authorization before initiating work.

If I paid for the service myself, how do I file a claim for reimbursement?
Your contract will give you the correct information on how to file a claim. You can also call the plan-appropriate claim number listed above to ask for assistance.

Do I have a deductible?
VSCs and High-Mileage Plans have a deductible per visit that you pay directly to the repair facility. CPO Wrap, Prepaid Maintenance, Financial Protection and Auxiliary Plans do not have deductibles.

If I move, do I still have coverage on my vehicle?
You may use a licensed repair facility anywhere in the United States (excluding U.S. Territories).

How do I extend, renew, or cancel my contract?
Diamond Care Protection Plan service contracts cannot be extended or renewed, but you can cancel your contract. Read your actual contract, paying attention to the state-specific information, to find cancellation details. You may also contact your plan administrator or call Customer Service at (833) 700-7783 for more information.

If I sell my vehicle, is my contract transferable?
On most plans, you can transfer the remaining coverage to subsequent owners of the covered vehicle in the case of a private party sale only. See your contract for transfer request details. Note a transfer request must be made within the cited time frame (usually 30 days from sale date) and include the state-appropriate transfer fee.